Take A Seat – A Devilish Guide To Arthur’s Seat

Are you sitting comfortably Arthur? Then I shall begin.

Arthurs Seat is a volcano (not active fortunately)

It’s bang in the middle of Edinburgh and is a tourist hotspot (pardon the volcano puns)

It’s rather busy during the day and at sunset.

If you want a devilishly good experience with a dose of danger then taking a gander up at night is the one for you.

It’s a highly Instagram worthy event.

Below are some examples of what you’ll see and the type of photos you’ll get.

As with most things in life it gets more interesting when the sun goes down.

This expedition is about as Bear Grylls esk as you’ll get in a city center.

It’s a proper climb with loose gravel, rocks and sheer drops. You’ll want a torch, probably one each or you’ll asking for the light to be shone in your path (not so convenient when the track becomes single track.

It’s reasonably spooky. Occasionally the trees look like men standing very still.

Top Tip – If you wanna freak your companion out tell them story of the slender man. His Wikipedia is a particularly disturbing read.

So head up at your own risk. You never know what lurkers might be lurking. You may even bump into me.




Photography credit –



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