This post is a follow on from this most magnificent YouTube video


We’ve all had a ‘JESUS CHRIST FENTON’ moment

A moment of panic that’s funny for everyone else but not so much for you

Sometimes things happen in life that become out of control. Things get wild. Sometimes the only thing left to do is to ‘JESUS CHRIST FENTON’ it out.

Sometimes things get wild, they go rogue, you go doolally.

Sometimes things go so badly wrong you just have to fully commit yourself and run screaming with arms flailing into the paws of embarrassment and maybe, just maybe, your moment of misery will turn you into a YouTube star.

Here are some inappropriate moments you could dabble shouting ‘JESUS CHRIST FENTON’ with to add a sprinkle joviality to your, and everyone else’s, day.

So without further ado here are some ‘JCF’ moments:

The next time you’re late for a seminar, lecture, meeting why not consider crashing into the room “JESUS CHRIST FENTON”

The next time you spill coffee on your new Kooples shirt “JESUS CHRIST FENTON”

The next time you catch your foot in the street “JESUS CHRIST FENTON”

The next time the queue in a shop is a little long  “JESUS CHRIST FENTON”

The next time you pick up the phone “JESUS CHRIST FENTON”

You could even try running around with a lead shouting ‘JESUS CHRIST FENTON’ and see how many people help look for your non-existent dog

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