Behind the krystal lens

Behind the lens

Stella French Photography

Krystal was schooled in England at St. Helen and St. Katherine in Oxfordshire leaving her with a stellar accent and then flew up to Scotland to attain her degree.

She’s got a fierce love for birds, from pigeons (my pet hate) to Conures, of which she has two. I think in a previous life she was certainly a bird as she, like her birds, is mischievous, smart and nimble (you should see some of the positions she gets into for the perfect photo). Cicero and Kouki, the birds in question, deserve their own post and no one can do this better than their lovely mummy herself so I’ll link that here.

She is most certainly a free spirit and you’d be darned if you tried to pin her down. She’s not had a boring life and has tried her supple hand at many jobs which I believe is one of the contributing factors to her photography style. She has the ability to see the world from many different perspectives that a mere muggle could never comprehend.

We’ve had many adventures taking some of the pictures for this site. They usually involve us being in grave danger (only slight hyperbole) or looking rather odd. Thankfully she is one of the few people who can join me in not giving a flying fox about either.

If you want someone to climb a treacherous volcano with you during the depths of night at the last minute or someone to lie on the pavement to get the perfect shot then she’s your girl. I’m pretty sure if I said right, let’s go and capture an underwater photo of the arctic polar bears she’d be the first one the boat (although her poorly circulated fingers may struggle – but she’s a fighter) and what else could you really ask for.

Her twitter handle is @chilly_fingers. You may join me in thinking that this is because she has a love for chilly crisps and a disdain for washing her hands afterwards. You, like me, would be wrong. Her fingers, she tells me, are always chilly when she photographs the world. Ah, that is makes more sense. So I would encourage you to follow her here


Her camera, Qwerty, has been a loyal companion on our adventures. She assures me, in her whole career as a photographer she’s never dropped him which I find utterly surprising given she is a walking clumsy, calamity indoors. He’s not a cheap little guy and whenever Krystal is dangling him precariously close to the side of a cliff, or canal, or road I get serious anxiety. Qwerty is a curious fellow, sometimes he behaves and sometimes he’s devilishly awkward. Thankfully Krystal is a professional at taming him which isn’t a simple task.

I’m learning a bit about photography from Krystal along the way. I took the photo that heads up this post don’t you know *takes bow*. Long gone are the days when I thought it was just point and shoot. Oh no my friend, OH. NO. We head off these days with multiple cameras and lenses, torches (to help with focus at night), tripods, vodka (not strictly necessary) and a can do attitude (not always, sometimes we bitch and moan).

Her taste is second to none and she has enlightened me to many a devilish bottle of wine, movie and shop which will make appearances on this site.

I secretly hope she doesn’t become too popular as I’d rather like to keep her to myself.

So if you see a pair mooching around carrying a truck load of camera equipment, laughing and doing something peculiar it’s going to be us. We hope you enjoy the proceeds of our efforts.

Here is the lovely photographer herself. This photo is a rarity as she’s an elusive creature who rarely puts herself in front of the lens (unless it involves silly faces with parrots). This photo is a testament to my potential photography talent – a definite stealth shot. So pensive.


“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence”.
-Ansel Adams

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